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We provide a wide range of services in analytics, machine learning, and data infrastructure.

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We provide a wide range of services

Our extensive expertise in building analytical systems and teams, as well as developing businesses based on data, enables us to solve a wide range of tasks for our clients.

Extensive experience in analytics

Our specialists have worked on various projects for large retail chains, pharmaceutical companies, and IT companies in Russia and Asian countries, and have experience in building analytical systems for industrial enterprises and logistics complexes. We have expertise in both building analytical functions from scratch and developing existing client teams.

Understanding customer needs

Our specialists have a deep understanding of analytical and business problems. The ability to speak the language of the customer and understand specific needs allows us to successfully solve the tasks and offer effective solutions.


We help with advanced big data analytics to optimize business decision-making, improve work efficiency, and identify new growth opportunities for your product.

IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure is the foundation for building analytics in a company. We help build a data warehouse that accelerates all analytical processes - dashboards, research, ML model calculations. This also increases the fault tolerance of client information systems.

Machine Learning

Machine learning has a wide range of applications, from predicting sales of a particular product category to automating complex processes such as managing marketing campaigns, logistics, increasing equipment fault tolerance, reducing defects, and improving business processes' efficiency.


BI is the key to improving analytical work efficiency. The use of dashboards allows scaling the use of company data, increasing employees' awareness of customers and business processes.

Action scenarios

We can write action scenarios for models like "if event A occurs, then do action B". We have great expertise and have seen the results of many decisions made, and we will tell you which option is the best.

Help with Hiring

You want an in-house team. That's great. We will help you create a staffing schedule. We know how much the necessary specialists cost and where to find them. We will help you conduct interviews and hire good people, not charlatans.

Building an analytical culture

We will develop a system of seminars and provide training to top managers on data-driven decision-making.

Our Services

Analytical Audit

Audit of analytical systems and teams, building a strategy for building an analytical team and a data-driven culture.

Data Flows, Collection and Storage

Building and automating data pipelines and ETL processes, integrating data, selecting and implementing the right data storage solution.

Creating a Dashboard System

Architecture of a complete system, design and development of dashboards, visualization of data and insights.

ML Implementation

Building and scaling machine learning models.

Process Optimization

Building internal processes. Optimization of business processes based on data analytics.

Solutions for Industries


  • Identifying reasons for success and failure
  • Dynamic pricing system
  • Classification of goods into classes according to allowable maximum margin
  • Price management through inventory (taking into account demand and expectations for deliveries)
  • Personalized discounts
  • Assortment analytics and recommendation systems
  • Setting the right price for a new product
  • Marketing communications management
  • Rechecking the competencies of the head of analytics/marketing/etc.
  • Working with computer vision


  • Combine automation
  • Working with computer vision in animal husbandry
  • Working with computer vision in crop production
  • Processing of interfaces of existing software solutions


  • Optimization of route planning
  • Advanced anti-fraud measures
  • Prediction of equipment failure
  • Prediction of delivery time
  • Redesign of interfaces for existing software solutions

Warehouse systems

  • Categorization of goods based on optimal accessibility speed and mapping of their location
  • Optimization of algorithms and assembly routes for goods
  • Algorithms for cell consolidation and relocation of goods
  • Video surveillance for violations
  • Automation of verification
  • Automation of lighting
  • Prediction of the optimal batch size for individual items


  • Automation of production processes
  • Prediction of equipment wear and failure
  • Working with computer vision
  • Automation of barcode and QR code systems


  • Modeling of the optimal equipment operating parameters based on weather conditions for cost optimization
  • Anti-fraud systems
  • Data analytics for geological exploration
  • Recipe optimization
  • Optimization of warehouse stocks

Different types of interaction

We offer several options for cooperation with the client depending on the tasks set. This allows us to establish flexible interaction and achieve better results on a smaller budget.



Your knowledge is combined with our specialized knowledge and experience. We apply our accumulated experience to find the optimal solution to the task together.



We help you as an additional pair of hands. Our specialists are ready to find solutions to the questions posed and perform both planned and urgent tasks.


Ready-made solution

We create an analytical product or a turnkey function. We are responsible for the result, implement the action plan and provide technical control. You only need to describe the need and accept the completed work.

Our work principles

Our top priority is achieving the client's goal in solving the set task. We work to make your business more successful. Therefore, we base our cooperation on the following important principles:


Business orientation

We build analytics that help the business. We use data science, statistics and new technologies to solve client's tasks and meet their needs, not just to "play trendy analytical culture".


We use best practices to ensure information security. We pay special attention to protecting against leakage of client data. We guarantee complete confidentiality of the information provided to us.


In the process of work, we closely interact with clients, using flexible methodologies. This allows us to take into account new needs and ideas of the client, adjust tactics of solutions, and achieve better results.

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